myEASYwebally for WordPress 1.3.1

myEASYwebally for WordPress 1.3.1
Category: Automation Software
Platform: webware
License: Free
Publisher: Grandolini


myEASYwebally is made up of two different agents: the plug-in and its dedicated server. The plug-in takes care of collecting the information you need to know about your WordPress installations at regular intervals of time. Such information is saved on your uploads folder as a PHP page. This page is created in such a way that it shows the included information ONLY when it is called from the dedicated server. Trying to execute the page from any other location, like your site or another system, will show this result. The dedicated server takes care to inquire the pages created by myEASYwebally at regular intervals and keeps a list of all the reported plug-ins, their related information as well as some useful information about your WordPress installation. Periodically, the dedicated server reads the information from its database to prepare and email a detailed report. To group the information from several sites to the same user, the mechanism uses an API key, available for free by registering at the dedicated server.

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