My Ubuntu Linux Desktop

My Ubuntu Linux Desktop
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Image by kezzawd
Desktop customised with the Aqua Glade icon set and the Avant Window Navigator. The latter providing a Mac ‘Dock’ like menu bar at the foot of my monitor. The cool transparent window of stats to the right is produced by ‘Conky’. If you zoom into the original sized image then you will probably note that my backup routines aren’t that robust !

Other software affecting this desktop include Compiz, which is responsible for drawing the shadowed border to the left of Conky’s output, which although an unintentional result of the shadowing setting for ‘normal’ program windows, I kind of like.

I can’t for the life of me remember where the original desktop wallpaper came from but am sure it could be found at gnome-art, or

The ‘thing’ poking out from the top of my monitor screen is the bottom of the one remaining Gnome panel – anyone know how to get rid of it ?? I’m simply unable to close all panels down – Gnome wants to have on drawn at all times. Autohide is the only option.