My new compaq desktop computer – how do I wake it up?

Question by bumblephant: My new compaq desktop computer – how do I wake it up?
I recently bought a new compaq desktop home computer. On the keyboard it has a hibernate button with a crescent moon on it. It’s just above the esc key and I keep pressing it by mistake so my computer hibernates. Trouble is I don’t know how to wake it up again!! It’s driving me mad. I have to keep pulling the plug out and pushing it in again to get it started. Help anyone?

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Answer by mrtwondo
You should only have to press the power button quickly, if pressing any key on the keyboard doesn’t wake it up.

If that’s not working, you should find your compaq support phone number, and talk to them. Something’s wrong, if you have to go so far as to unplug it. It’s new so, you have the warranty on your side.

You could always disable hibernation mode, as well. Or even just the troublesome button, so you don’t accidentally press it.

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