My Insignia Desktop

My Insignia Desktop
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Image by paradoxperfect
My desktop machine: An (relatively cheapo) Insignia D300 running FreeBSD 6.1.


OS: FreeBSD 6.1 w/ KDE 3.5.4 DE
HDD: 40g
PROC: Intel Pentium4 @2.8ghz
RAM: 768mb
DISPLAY: Sony 17" 1280×1024 LCD monitor

CD-RW drive
DVD-R/RW drive
Floppy drive
4 USB 2.0 ports
1 Firewire port
1 ethernet port

I have installed FreeBSD 6.1 on my desktop system, really just to mess around with Unix and hopefully learn a few things that I couldn’t when using Linux. It has been surprisingly fun to use. You -do- have to compile everything, but if you have used the more ‘hardcore’ Linux distros (Gentoo, LFS, etc.), then you should be used to this anyway. FreeBSD Ports is, hands down, one of the best package management systems that I’ve encountered. The only other one that comes close IMO is Debian’s apt-get (I’m not including Gentoo’s Portage in that assessment, because it is essentially a clone of Ports). If there is an OS that is more stable than Linux, it is FreeBSD. It is a rock, no joke.