My Desktop

My Desktop
desktop computers
Image by Alan_D
For want of something more productive to do, here is my computer desktop. The operating system is Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and the background
wallpaper is "Temple of the Leaf (Night)" from Digital Blasphemy.

I actually find things like this quite interesting. While it may not be quite the key to someone’s soul, I think you can tell a fair amount about a person from a shot like this. Looking at this, it’s neat and uncluttered with easy access to the most used applications. The only icon on the desktop is the Recycle Bin, which I would get rid of as well except that I know if I did it would never be emptied! The Quick Launch toolbar contains a view desktop link, email, internet and that’s it. Anything else I use more than occasionally is pinned to the Start menu.

In life I tend to try and keep things the same, I’m a neat person yet I like to have things I use often easily to hand.

Why not humour me and upload a shot of your desktop?