MVS Consulting, Inc. Launches “RecruitmentFactory?”- A Next Generation Online Career and Recruitment Service Providing Employers with Valuable Cost Savings While Compensating Job Seekers on a “Pay Per Click” Basis


Rochester Hills, MI (PRWEB) March 26, 2009

MVS Consulting, Inc., (, a Web Application and Development Services company specializing in Dynamic Enterprise Workflow Online Solutions today announced the launch of™, a new online career and recruitment resource that brings employers and job seekers together in an innovative and affordable new way. The new career and recruiting service dramatically lowers the cost to employers in finding the best candidates, and provides a variety of revenue sharing opportunities for the job seeker, including a “pay per click” rewards program.

“Manpower still remains the costliest resource for any company today,” said Mathew Verghese, Founder of MVS Consulting, Inc. which owns “Finding the right talent with the right skill and aptitude and attitude to work is still critical for the success of any company.” With the growing need to consolidate and find candidates with multiple skills, the need for a larger and more multifunctional system is important. “The need for this has resulted in us developing the ‘Recruitment™’,” said Verghese, “which provides more than a database of resumes to search from – we wanted to develop a complete “end to end” solution to support all levels of recruitment related functions that need to be provided.”

Today, there is an array of products available that provide one or two of the services required to assist employers and staffing firms alike in conducting a successful job search or receiving the proper mix of qualified candidates for job postings.™ provides all of the tools necessary, under a single database, to meet the challenges involved in finding the best candidate for the position. According to Verghese, “our pricing structure is competitive with the market while simultaneously providing additional value and functionality, not available in other solutions. We are inviting all Employers to visit our site at and take advantage of our trial offer to post unlimited job listings for free for the next 30 days.” is a next generation web-based resource that brings employers, recruiters and job seekers together in a fundamentally different way. Through an innovative suite of tools and applications, helps employers find the right candidates through a faster, creative and more affordable way.

One of the ways candidates can earn extra money is through the site’s People Helping People (PHP™) feature — a simple tool that allows candidates to present new job positions to RecruitmentFactory that they are aware of either at their current place employment or at a friend’s business. As soon as the job position referred by the candidate is posted and paid for, will credit the job seeker’s account with one-third of the revenue generated.

“The Recruitment™ solution is the culmination of years of experience in the recruiting industry. A strong team of visionaries, who are specialists in recruiting and workforce management, conceived™,” said Verghese. “Using the knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry, we brought together all of the elements necessary into a single cohesive product that provides an end-to-end solution for the staffing and workforce management industry. In analyzing our prospective market, we have identified a void in the job search and resume management software arena. We provide a unique product that fills that void by seamlessly integrating the key elements necessary for an end-to-end solution aimed at employers and prospective employees alike.” is intended initially for U.S.-based employers with national and/or global reach, and can be tailored to meet individual employer needs. For more information, please contact Jay Aho at 313-923-1070 or email

About MVS

MVS is part of a family of companies, featuring the global technology consulting firm CompuSystems, Inc. CompuSystems has celebrated over 10 Years of Excellence, and has executed a wide range of global turnkey projects for the development of e-business applications, e-commerce applications, Intranet applications, and a range of e-business solutions for the financial industry such as Internet Banking, e-brokerage and Fund Management Systems.

MVS Consulting Inc. (MVS) is a specialized Dynamic Enterprise Workflow Online Solutions Company, with inherent expertise in niche areas, with its flagship product, Emaximm, providing case, staff and client management tools for immigration firms nationwide. In addition, MVS is a part of a family of decade-strong technology companies, with subsidiaries internationally involved in development of global e-business solutions.

MVS has a strong palette of expertise in its deep knowledge base in the Internet technologies areas. The added strength of tools in building N-tier architecture applications positions them with a very strong long-term vision in building lasting management solutions. To learn more about MVS products and services, visit


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