MTA launches competition for ‘Best Transportation-Related Apps’

MTA launches competition for ‘Best Transportation-Related Apps’
NEW York The MTA has launched “MTA App Quest,” a competition challenging tech developers to create software applications that increase access to information and improve the travel experience for customers of New York’s subways, buses, railroads and bridges and tunnels.
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Citrix eyes 50 times faster services
Two days after Citrix Systems announced acquisition of, analysts feel the move may make the company one of the leading providers of cloud computing infrastructure in India.
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How To Stream Your Media From Home To Your Phone Anywhere You Go With Plex
Your smartphone is great for catching up on your favourite TV show on your commute or watching that movie you’d been meaning to get to, but there’s one pesky detail that often gets in the way: you have to remember to do a time-consuming sync beforehand; if you don’t, you’re out of luck. Here’s how to stream any media from your home computer (Windows or Mac) to your smartphone (iOS or Andoird …
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