Category: Audio Production & Recording Software
Platform: windows
License: Free to try
Publisher: C2 Solutions


mp3TrueEdit�?� is the fast and easy way to edit all your MP3 files without any audio quality loss or file corruption. mp3TrueEdit does not need to decompress and recompress MP3 audio in order to edit it so there is no degradation in quality when saving MP3 files. It is also designed to prevent any invalid or corrupt audio from being generated when joining or splitting MP3 files. It also includes an optional direct MP3 file recording function. �?� No Loss of Quality – Faithfully keeps the original MP3 file quality without decompressing and recompressing and without introducing errors at the edit points. �?� Easy to Use – Simple and intuitive user interface – designed to be easy to use by everyone but with powerful editing functions when needed. �?� Quickly View & Find Audio – Quickly view and find the audio section you are looking for and play using the built-in MP3 player. �?� Fast – Loads a two hour MP3 file in a couple of seconds, much faster than popular waveform editors. Also includes fast and accurate trimming, fade, normalization and other editing operations. �?� Save Disk Space and Time – There’s no need to decompress and recompress the audio stored in the MP3 files so this avoids having to create large slow loading intermediate files. �?� Multiple Undo and Redo – No need to worry about making changes or experimental edits – everything can be undone and redone quickly and easily. �?� Add Effects – Quickly and easily fade in, fade out, change volume or normalize any section of an MP3 file. Make any section of audio completely silent or insert new silent sections of audio. �?� Easy to Follow Tutorial – Simple task based examples of the best way to use mp3TrueEdit. An informative FAQ that will answer most user’s queries. Helpful notes on how to get the best out of your computer’s audio capabilities. This 15 day fully functional trial is available for Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. An internet connection will also be required for activation and possible future reactivation.

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