Morning Tech Wrap: Sony, Apple, RIM

Morning Tech Wrap: Sony, Apple, RIM
Sony has hired cyber security firms to help investigate the recent massive security that affected more than 100 million user accounts. The company has hired Protiviti, an internal audit and consulting firm, and Guidance Software and Data Forte, computer forensics firms.
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CNET to the Rescue: Reuse, repair, and re-wire
CNET reviews editor Dong Ngo is with us this week to discuss the re-use of old technology (my ancient AV receiver) as well as the benefits of running Ethernet cable in the wireless era. Also, your questions answered, including laptop resurrection tips. If you have a tech question for CNET to the Rescue, e-mail No question is too basic, so if you’ve got …
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Smartphone Losers Microsoft And RIM Forge Sizzle-Free Union
Bing just took over maps and search on your BlackBerry as part of Microsoft’s crazy-quilt strategy to gain a toehold in the smartphone game. But fallen giant RIM makes for an odd partner. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took to the stage at the BlackBerry World Conference today to announce a partnership with Canada’s RIM, bringing MS tech to key parts of the BlackBerry smartphone experience …
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