More Than a View of My Desktop

More Than a View of My Desktop
remote desktop control
Image by Tony the Misfit
The notes are numbered and each has a brief comment.

1 – Why does anyone still drink coffee out of a Christmas mug? It’s May! Besides I have about a 100 mug collection, so I do have a choice…..

2 – I sent two pictures into the Jones Soda company hoping they would put one of my photos on a soda bottle. I even have an "identity" to sign into their website. Ridiculous?

3 – JFK is a great hero of mine and this is a classic photo from the 1961 NY TImes Magazine, the burden of leadership.

4a & 4b – 2/3 of my little speaker system which cost just . and sounds great. I play music alot, especially when using my computer. The woofer is underneath the desk.

5 – Mr. Slick, a finger puppet. Symbolic of all the bullshit we are exposed to. Nonetheless, I like him for some reason.

6 – A cuddly, laid-back Sea Lion. It represents my love and respect for our Animal "Kingdom" and a great contrast to Mr. Slick, the human.

7 – Some reference books in a very old little book holder. You may recognize them yourself. Nice to keep close by for research, which I like to do.

8 – Buddy Christ, TV character and spoof of religion. I think faith is important but we have to maintain a sense of humor and respect for others’ beliefs. Besides is this act enough for me to burn in hell? Don’t think so but there is always my old Catholic guilt!

9 – Mumsie, or my mom. An old photo that reminds me of her enduring spirit in my life. I had an awful lot of fun with her and thoroughly enjoyed our banter. "Mumsie" is one endearing term I used for her, anyone remember Dobie Gillis and Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.?

10 – John Lennon mouse pad. Another hero, peace advocate and a great musician and artist. Imagine……..

11 – Being a man, a remote control is an appendage to my body.

12 – My laptop. Repaired three times in two years, it drives me crazy but enables me to do this. I like portability, a buzz word of the ’90s by the way.

13 – My man Senator Barack Obama, speaking at the commencement of Wesleyan University today. He was asked by Senator Ted Kennedy to take Kennedy’s place. He received an honorary doctorate there (he has one of his own already) and spoke of service to your country. Instead of the usual bullshit "analysis", advertisements and cut off sound bytes found on TV, I found the stream on the web for the full uncut version. I was able to fight off "remote control syndrome" after all!

You see, a persons desktop tells all about them……..Carpe Diem!