Monumenta 2008 : Promenade (Richard Serra)

Monumenta 2008 : Promenade (Richard Serra)
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Image by looking4poetry
Taken on the Monumenta website.

An article about Metal :

Steel is first among Richard Serra’s preferred materials. Metal is enormously important in Serra’s work – the artist worked in a steel foundry as a young man, and has shown a extraordinary fascination for the medium (as with lead and rubber, early in his career), a far cry from the ‘noble’ materials of classical sculpture. A key material for the construction industry, steel dates back to the industrial revolution, since when it has fostered a host of manufacturing techniques and applications. Steel has become emblematic of the march of modernity, of ‘work in progress’. […] but above all its unique formal qualities, its capacity to be deployed in space is what Richard Serra’s distinctive work is about.

the black vignetting in the bottom was simply obtained by flash firing onto the top of the frame… Unexpectedly flash can be used in a creative way sometimes :-))

Flickr white background is really shitty with those Monumenta pictures, take your time enjoying "Promenade" On Black.