Mikogo – Remote Desktop Software

This is a video on the program Mikogo. Instructions: #1. Install the software from www.mikogo.com on the computer you want to view on another machine. (Or both computers, your choice) #2. Once installed, right click on the software, and click “Create Session”. #3. Once you have the Session ID, you either from your other computer, or using the ID someone’s given you, go to www.join.mikogo.com and write in the session ID and your name. (Needing a free account. From the website, or software) #4. It will now download a personal .exe for you to run (This will not install). Run that, and you will be in a remote viewing of the other computer.You can now view the other machine, being your’s or a friends. Sorry, it’s hard to explain. Really. It is much simpler than other remote desktop software to setup. And easier than it sounds. Thanks for watching. Please comment, rate and subscribe if you like my videos.
Video Rating: 5 / 5