Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010: Get Organized With OneNote

Microsoft® OneNote is the program in Microsoft Office that helps you bring everything in your teaching world into one tidy, collaborative space. Think of Microsoft OneNote as a digital notebook. It has tabs you create and label, however you like. The digital advantage of Microsoft OneNote is you can gather, store and manage all types of notes and materials for teaching Word docs, pictures, videos, web grabs and much more. Thats why professors like to keep Microsoft OneNote open on their desktop to jot a quick note or grab content as they move through the day. To keep OneNote open, click on Review here above the Home tab, and the window slides to the side. Now, lets say youre preparing a course on architecture. Microsoft OneNote 2010 lets you search the Internet instantaneously. Find the Research button up here in the ribbon. Click it and a search box appears. Type in what youre looking for, and instantly you receive the top results from Bing, the comprehensive Microsoft search engine. Maybe you want to grab a map to show students where the Eiffel Tower is situated in Paris. Whether you have Microsoft OneNote 2007 or 2010, you can select the INSERT tab from the Ribbon. Then, choose the Screen Clipping tool. Now, travel to the map of Paris you found using Bing maps. Next, cut and place the map clipping in your Microsoft OneNote notebook. Whats really helpful is the clipping maintains its hyperlink back to the web page where you found it. Microsoft OneNote has multimedia