Microsoft Issues $25 Price Hike for Certification Exams

Microsoft Issues Price Hike for Certification Exams
If you’re planning to take any Microsoft certification exams, now is the time to act because Microsoft will raise the price for each exam by $ 25 beginning July 1.
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How I Downgraded My iPhone (and Why I Won’t Go Back)
After months of woeful performance, I downgraded my iPhone 3G. The move cost me some apps and features, but bought me some time.
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LG outs four desktop LCDs with passive 3D support
LG on Tuesday brought out four computer LCDs with a hope of lowering the price of 3D. The Cinema 3D D41P and D42P both use passive 3D that’s both flicker-free and cheaper to run without the need for expensive active shutter glasses. All of them can optionally convert 2D images to 3D….
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