Memeo Connect 2.0: Google File Hosting Websites Become A Reality

Memeo Connect 2.0: Google File Hosting Websites Become A Reality

Memeo Connect 2.0: Google File Hosting Websites Become A Reality

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Home Page > Computers > File Types > Memeo Connect 2.0: Google File Hosting Websites Become A Reality

Memeo Connect 2.0: Google File Hosting Websites Become A Reality

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Posted: Jun 20, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Memeo Connect is a synchronization software that allows users synchronize files between google documents account and computer, also is a docs desktop client. It’s used to help users manage their own documents on the desktop, and through Memeo Connect installed in different pc terminal, you can achieve different pc sync terminal and google docs. Memeo now offers Mac and Windows platforms can use the Google Docs desktop client Memeo Connect, another Memeo offers Memeo Connect Reader For iPad. Today, Memeo has released version 2.0 Connect, and added a long-awaited features “GDrive”.

There are rumors that in 2006 Google will launch a network file hosting service, which is the so-called GDrive.This year in January, Google began allowing users to upload any files to the Google document, but denied the existence of GDrive, “because GDrive does not exist.”Google said very good.

After you have own Memeo Connect 2.0 , you can create a virtual google hard disk in your computer file system. Then you can drag the file into your Google Documents account as the dropbox.You can operate the software locally, then it will change automatically synchronized to the Internet. The software currently only have two version: Mac version and Windows version.

 In addition to the function of GDrive, Memeo Connect2.0 also provides a powerful file names and file contents search (including Google documents and local document search).In addition, you can browse files of google document through the advanced filter.

Memeo Connect main functions:

Through this desktop software manage the google docs documents; Can follow the different types of google docs folder to view the document;

To provide the local documents uploaded to Google Docs feature that allows a single file upload, you can upload the entire folder;

Visitors can view each document and collaborators; Can be converted to PDF format documents;

Can install this software in different computer, and keep real-time synchronization with Google Docs ;

The service cost 9 U.S. Dollars for each user one year, but users must first pay an annual 50 dollars sign up for Google’s senior account to provide 30-day free trial;

Memeo Connect main shortcomings:

This desktop software can not directly edit, editing features require access to the browser to complete;

Uploading documents sometimes error;

Since there are file hosting websites services such as Dropbox,, SugarSync, why we still need Memeo? Corporate strategy and business development director Spencer Chen believes that in the next few years people would like to use file hosting websites services as e-mail service. Comparing with small companies, Google’s security measures even more reassuring. In addition, Google also can cover the cost, while small companies are facing pressure on profits.

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Information Management and Information system degree, Engaged computer maintenance and management, database maintenance.personal blog:hard drive repair and best external hdd


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