Mellow Clutter on Typepad Motion

Mellow Clutter on Typepad Motion
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Image by Hugger Industries
Mellow Clutter™ is a concept I’ve talked about for the past 2 years and it anticipated content aggregation, rich APIs, and that we’d post once and publish everywhere.

"Web technologies have finally caught up to their promise and by using APIs, feeds, and widgets, a company can create a “portal” for their product, a Mellow Clutter."

Today, I used the newest new TypePad Motion to build a quick Mellow Clutter and cool. This particular Melllow Clutter just has pumpkins on it, but that took me about 34 minutes to set up on my Macbook Air.

It’s using TypePad on the backend with locally hosted Python and Django to generate the front end templates and pages. The next step is to fully customize it and move it into production on a web host.

The Mellow Clutter concept is also known as Social Publishing and is applied to products and brands. It’s a dynamic website that shares photos, videos, news, and video from a variety of sources focused on a particular topic.

In context to Social Media, instead of lifestreaming, a business streams their product.

It’s what we’ve been doing on Bike Hugger using a Movable Type/Type Pad hack. Next step is this.

We’ll debut the production site shortly during the Mobile Social Worldwide.