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Medica ad
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Image by PugnoM
I saw the upper image on the Star-Tribune newspaper site, and couldn’t quite believe my eyes. A health plan provider? Suggesting, in their advertising, that teens reading muscle mags featuring steroidal body-builders is a good thing, health-wise? Maybe the picture was just cropped weird for web advertising, I thought.

So I clicked through to the site advertised,

And it’s a feature image.

Would they have done this with teen girls looking at a fashion magazine? It’s the same kind of problematic expectations…

I don’t necessarily think that fashion magazines, or fitness magazines, cause body dysmorphias. But I do think they are symptoms of some problematic social expectations. And I also do think that it is not responsible for a nominally-health-related organization to be suggesting that that kind of physique is one that adolescents should want to "improve" towards.

Of course, there’s no way to contact Medica through their website. So I guess I’ll call them on Monday or something.

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