Media Mayhem – Journalist and Author Mark Harris

EPISODE SYNOPSIS Well known journalist and author Mark Harris joins Allison for a high spirited discussion ranging from his experiences writing about the film industry, his thoughts on hate speech and everything in-between. Mark shares his insightful perspective on a number of topics including the academy awards, public scandal, how the film industry of today differs from that of the past and homophobia in the media. GUEST BIO Mark Harris is a journalist at The New York Times, a contributing editor at New York Magazine and an Entertainment Weekly columnist. He also writes for the website where he discusses the Academy Award race. Mark is also a published author of the book Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood. ADDITIONAL LINKS, ETC. Media Mayhem Links: Miscellaneous Links: EPISODE BREAKDOWN 00:00 Intro 02:24 Is it difficult to balance your roles as both reviewer and interviewer? 04:02 Have you found yourself in the position where you’re interviewing someone you’ve written something nasty about in the past? 05:30 Can you break down some of your film categories? 07:42 Does the little film with the big star negate it as “the little movie that could?” 10:03 How many of the people who write about the oscars are independent vs. favoring certain production companies