Managing multiple connections: Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix, and more

Managing multiple connections: Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix, and more

Managing multiple connections: Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix, and more

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Home Page > Technology > Managing multiple connections: Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix, and more

Managing multiple connections: Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix, and more

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Posted: Sep 07, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Windows only

Every day when Im at work I have to deal with dozens of different servers that I connect using Windows Remote Desktop. If you only have one computer that you need to manage the standard Remote Desktop Connection is used, but can become cumbersome when dealing with multiple machines.
To resolve this problem, I started looking around for an application that has a nice tabbed interface for multiple connections. What I did not expect was to find something as good as free Terminals program. It is not only the Remote Desktop connection management, but also VNC, VMRC, RAS, Telnet, SSH, ICA Citrix, HTTP, and Amazon S3. Plus, you can achieve the basic tasks, such as ping, trace route, whois search, and more all in one program.
My impression from the terminals quickly everything can be done. Any time to connect to a computer is added to the Favorites menu, easy access in the future. Then you can go and change the entries for easier recognition(especially handy if you connect via IP addresses), and even use tags.
And we must not forget about security. Of course, you will not want the program so as to save all passwords, because many may lose if it were to fall into the wrong hands. At the same time it may be difficult to remember all those different passwords for different machines. Terminals, like any browser, lets you set a master password that is used to protect all stored passwords. This means that you only have one password to remember from now on!
This is probably isnta program that is useful for everyone, but definitely save some time and frustration for those of you who work with dozens of different routes every day. It is completely free and requires no installation to run the program. Just download the zip file, extract the contents and run the executable file.
Get Terminals for Windows

Via: Managing multiple connections: Remote Desktop, VNC, Citrix, and more
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In my network M able to ping and take remote desktop to clients but not able to get access by run getting error network path was not

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