look downstairs into stairwell whirl

look downstairs into stairwell whirl
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Image by quapan
leaning over the banisters and looking downstairs into the staircase.
banister, the structure formed by the uprights and handrail at the side of a staircase. Origin: 17th cent. alteration of baluster. from greek: balaustion = curving calyx tube of a wild pomegranate flower.
gradient, the vector formed by the nabla-operator on a scalar function at a given point in a scalar field. color gradient.
gradience between stairwell and staircase.
slink verb: move smoothly and quietly with gliding steps, in a stealthy or sensuous manner. noun: an act of moving in this way
ORIGIN: Old English slincan ‘crawl,creep’; compare with Old German slinken ‘subside, sink, wind’ and (far)slintan ‘devour ‘ slinky informal graceful or sinuous in movement, line or figure
whirl Old Norse hvirfla ‘turn about’ or hvirfill circle, Middle Low German wervel ‘spindle’ or Quirl
helix an object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wire wound uniformly in single layer around a cylinder or cone, as in a corkscrew or staircase geometry a curve on a conical or cylindrical surface which would become a straight line if the surface were unrolled into a plane Architecture a spiral ornament Biochemistry an extended spiral chain of atoms in a protein, nucleic acid, or other polymeric molecule anatomy the rim of the external ear (–>Dionysos & Ariadne / FN & CW) [_NODE_p852_]

Raoul Francé has distinguished seven biotechnical constructional elements: crystal, sphere, cone, plate, strip, rod and spiral (screw); he says that these are the basic technical elements of the whole world (Fig.27). They suffice for all processes, and are sufficient to bring them to their optimum. The constructive application of these elements, in particular the spiral (screw) has led to solutions that are astonishing in their relation to earlier (baroque) aesthetic principles.
Today we consciously employ the whole stock of biotechnical elements, and the outcome is new conception of beauty – exemplified by radio towers, chemical plants etc.

Quotation from ‘The New Vision’ 1928 fourth revised edition 1947 (translated from the German by Daphne M. Hoffman), page 46. Written by László Moholy-Nagy. Copyright, 1947, by Wittenborn-Schulz, Inc. 38 East 57th street, New York 22, N.Y. Manufactured in the USA by E.L. Hildreth and Co., Brattleboro, Vermont. Reprinted 1949.

It seems that we like the emergent constructs, fractal and nested, that arise from iterative computations (evolution, organic growth…).
In other words, we appreciate the accumulated computational complexity produced by evolutionary dynamics (genetic and memetic). Henry Markram from EPFL showed videos of the morphologically complex dendritic maps from the 10K neurons in one human cortical column. An IBM BlueGene computer runs at 22 Tera FLOPS to model 10 million dynamic synapses for those 10K neurons.
Art imitates life
This DNA could be read because of new genome sequencing technology that has become available only in the past few years. The sequencing was conducted by 454 Life Sciences, which recently mapped the genetic code of James Watson, who with Francis Crick identified the double-helix structure of DNA.
Preliminary analysis of the Neanderthal genome has identified several critical genes that are similar or different to modern humans. Neanderthals do not appear to have the gene for lactase, which allows adults to digest milk and is common among Europeans and some Africans, but rare elsewhere in the world.
‘Neanderthal genome will unlock secrets of human evolution’, From The Times Online on February 12, 2009 written by Science Editor Mark Henderson, Chicago.
Notes on the Labyrinth, DNA and Planetary Alignment The labyrinth is an example of what Gurdjieff called objective magick, a coherent symbol construct capable of working directly on the unconscious mind. Its origins are mysterious, although the maze family of symbols have been traced back over 3500 years in places as diverse as Peru, Arizona, Iceland, Crete, India, Egypt and Sumatra. This symbolic continuity is perhaps our strongest proof of its spiritual coherence and magickal effectiveness. by Vincent Bridges. Copyright: Sangraal – Sacred Geometry and Alchemy, Grassy Branch Loop Sevierville, Tennessee 37876

spiral staircases@flickr.com
Pagoda in Singapore
Musei Vaticani

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@Yet again, another blog about recursion @recursively recursive.wordpress, 14 October 2010, post by tony ricochet : This image of recursion is not done in software – it’s an amazing achievement in bricks and mortar (and a beautiful photograph): ▌▌Thanks to quapan. It’s presumably his or her foot that can be seen at the bottom of the photo. Nice to see the maker’s mark in the artefact itself.