Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse (Black)

Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse (Black)

  • Revolutionary hyper-fast scroll wheel
  • Laser precision
  • Cordless Freedom
  • Extended battery life
  • Advanced search and navigation

Scroll through 10,000 lines in just 7 seconds – and stop on a dime.

MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel
A new concept in PC navigation, this revolutionary alloy scroll wheel operates in two distinct modes: Free-spin Mode for hyper-fast, nearly frictionless scrolling, or Click-to-click Mode for detailed navigation using an ultra-precise ratchet-scrolling mechanism. Fly through hundreds of pages, or move line-by-line, with more precision than ever before.


  • Revolutionary hyper-fast scroll wheel: Fly through long documents at hyperspeed with the nearly frictionless alloy scroll wheel. Shift to precise, click-to-click scrolling for navigating lists, slides, and image collections.
  • Laser precision: Experience pixel-perfect precision and smoother cursor control on virtually all surfaces.


  • Cordless Freedom: Enjoy uninterrupted connection with Logitech┬« 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless, even in the busiest wireless environments.
  • Extended battery life: Go up to a year without replacing batterieslonger if you use the on/off button. A battery power indicator eliminates surprises.
  • Advanced search and navigation: Highlight a word or phrase and press the search button to display results from your favorite search engine instantly. Universal forward/back buttons speed up Web browsing and paging through large documents.

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