Link 0.35

Link 0.35
Category: Chat
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: Matthew James


Link comes as a package of a multi-threaded server and client. The server can support up to 20 clients simultaneously. This client allows you to engage in a private or public chat over the internet. Link supports private messaging which means anyone within the global chat room can privately chat with you rather than to all users. Simple encryption and spam protection has also been applied throughout Link to reduce/prevent eavesdropping and spammers. Please don’t rely on it for conversations containing sensitive information. Spammers are warned of their spamming three times before being kicked from the server. If they rejoin the server and continue spamming again, they will be banned permanently. A set of two passwords can be set on the server – one can be set to stop other people invading your discussions, and the other one is for moderators who have the credentials to kick and ban unwanted guests. Link [Client] can manage and store a set of connection profiles to save you time.

What’s new in this version: – Applied simple encryption (data scrambling) to reduce eavesdropping of conversations throughout Link. Please don’t rely on it for conversations containing sensitive information. – Added a new connection profile manager to store your connection settings and save you time in not having to retype the server details. – Added date stamps to the file names of log files. – Fixed a GUI performance issue with Link [Client] upon connecting. The interface shouldn’t freeze up now. – A GNU/Linux editio… See all new features

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