Lingo in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (In a Nutshell (O’Reilly))

Lingo in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (In a Nutshell (O’Reilly))

This companion book to Director in a Nutshell covers all aspects of Lingo, Director’s powerful scripting language, and is the book for which both Director users and power Lingo programmers have been yearning. An essential tool for both new and experienced Lingo programmers, this concise guide explains how Lingo “thinks” and includes many programming examples as well as undocumented commands. In typical nutshell style, Lingo in a Nutshell explores the syntax, structure, and commands of the language. It includes numerous useful Lingo examples, corrects many errors found in Macromedia’s Lingo documentation, and details dozens of misdocumented and undocumented Lingo keywords that are omitted from Macromedia’s manuals and third-party books. Detailed chapters describe messages, events, scripts, handlers, variables, lists, file I/O, Behaviors, child objects, Xtras, and more. Lingo in a Nutshell caters to the huge pool of Director users attempting to bridge the Lingo gap, yet provides the details for the experienced Linguist that are lacking in other Lingo books.Once again, O’Reilly scores big with a comprehensive treatment of a programming language that doesn’t spend much time teaching the fundamentals. Lingo in a Nutshell sets a benchmark for Lingo documentation that no other book or online resource meets.

Lingo in a Nutshell has to do with behind-the-scenes aspects of Lingo, including file management, data structures, loops, conditionals, and event handlers. Simply put, this book treats Lingo as a programming language, rather than merely as a piece of Macromedia Director. The coverage you’ll find in Lingo in a Nutshell backs up the more obviously practical material found in this book’s companion volume, Director in a Nutshell. This book also features an excellent chapter called “How Lingo Thinks,” which explains how the various pieces of a Lingo-controlled presentation fit together.

Like most Nutshell books, Lingo in a Nutshell includes a very good language reference in addition to its tutorial and explanatory materials. Listing Lingo’s enumerated values, keywords, and commands in full–including some otherwise undocumented ones–this reference makes it easy to locate the information you need as you write programs. The only minor drawback of this book is that it doesn’t cover the changes made to Lingo in the newly released Director 7. –David Wall

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