Lesson 04 – Install a RAM memory upgrade into any desktop or laptop computer

In this lesson we are going to show you how to add memory to another desktop computer and a laptop computer. Upgrading a Desktop Computer’s Memory For the desktop computer I’ll begin by going to Crucial.com and running the System Scanner. The type of memory in this computer is DDR2. The computer can except PC2-5300, 6400 or 8500 memory and is capable of running in Dual Channel mode. The system has 4 memory slots, 2 are occupied by 512MB stick of memory for a total of 1GB. The maximum memory capacity per slot is 2GB and the maximum capacity overall is 8GB. To get more specifics about the memory in the computer I’ll install and run CPU-Z and go to the Memory tab. The type is DDR2, the size is 1GB and the memory is in Dual Channel mode which matches what the System Scanner showed us. The speed is 400MHz which again is doubled do the Double Data Rate of the RAM to DDR-800MHz also known as PC2-6400 and the CAS Latency is 5. I’ll go to the SPD tab to get the voltage of the RAM which is 1.8V. If I get another 2 sticks of memory, 512MB in capacity each, with the same specifications, I can double my system’s memory capacity to 2GB. I could instead add 2, 1GB sticks of RAM that would triple it to 3GB, or I can max out the remaining two memory slots with 2, 2GB sticks of memory which will bring the system up to 5GB of memory. I decided to add 2, 1GB sticks of memory to the system. I took the specs I got from Crucial.com’s System Scanner and the CPU-z and went to a local computer
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