Lenovo T500 Review

Lenovo T500 Review

Lenovo T500 Review

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Home Page > Computers > Hardware > Lenovo T500 Review

Lenovo T500 Review

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Posted: Oct 02, 2010 |Comments: 0


Slim, sleek and alluring ultraportables are all unbelievably well, but there are occasions when you phone for just about any little additional oomph. That’s why we such as the Sony VGN-Z21MN/B so much, and why it’s resident on our A List. It may nicely not be as slim like a MacBook oxygen or perhaps a Lenovo X300, however it is light, boasts very much additional energy and – many thanks to its switchable artwork – has amazing battery existence as well.

Lenovo’s latest, the T500, might not possess the ability to compete using the ultraportables in relation to stamina and portability, but just one problem it definitely isn’t lacking in is power. as well as although it can’t instead boast supermodel looks, with its business-like straight lines, sharp, pointy corners, bevelled edges and all-black cloak, its sheer practicality races for that forefront.

Powerful specification

It boasts precisely the very same effective processor – a 2.4GHz Intel primary two Duo P8600 – which, coupled 2GB of DDR2 RAM, was enough to acquire a extremely respectable rating of 1.19 within our application-based benchmarks. That’s lots enough for that additional intensive tasks, from film and photo editing to software program progress and compiling, it’s intended for.

And, invisible below the black-suited exterior, there’s one more similarity. The T500 is equipped with dual switchable graphics: an ATI Radeon Mobililty HD 3650 provides a little additional energy for when it’s linked for that mains, and Intel’s lower-powered GMA X4500MHD for when you’re out and about. The past isn’t as well shabby in relation to gaming proficiency either, achieving 61fps within our reduce settings Crysis look at and 17fps within of the method settings test.

Gaming isn’t what this laptop’s all about, though, however the display could possibly be considered a distinctive matter. It’s the two bigger at 15.4in compared to Sony’s 13.1in panel, as well as increased resolution, using an enormous 1,680 x 1,050 providing acres of desktop space. The backlight isn’t an LED just one so it isn’t as instead vivid as we’d like, but color stability is fine, there’s no backlight bleed and no proof of grain either.

Ergonomics and extras

If the appears aren’t something to create residence about, the T500’s ergonomics definitely are. In conventional Lenovo fashion, there are the two keep track of place and trackpad, and the two are unbelievably usable. The trackpad, in particular, can be an development over the X300’s instead erratic affair, and it’s arranged unbelievably slightly below the level in the wristrest, lowering the danger of brushing it by accident.

The keyboard is sturdy Lenovo fare, although it isn’t instead up for that conditions we’ve can be found to expect. although nevertheless exceptional to most individuals on most laptops we review, the just one adorning the T500 feels additional rattly and lighter for that touch than before workstation Lenovos we’ve tested.

That dark chassis is as powerful as its aggressive lines suggest, too, with thick, sturdy plastic material all-round as well as a display that feels powerful enough to resist getting trodden on by an elephant. We definitely couldn’t make an impression – twisting it each and every which way and prodding it with all our may failed to create any ripples or show-through concerning the screen.

And even although the T500 is much from what you’d phone skinny at 2.6kg you do obtain an enormous amount of goodies to justify the additional heft. This pc is equipped with an HSDPA modem using a Vodafone SIM ready for network out in the box, there’s a DVD-writer, a displayport exterior keep track of output (in add-on to some normal D-SUB socket), Bluetooth, a TPM module as well as a fingerprint reader.

It’s definitely a beefy pc – in additional than just one respect – but battery existence is by no signifies bad. It can’t compete using the Z21’s enormous 9hrs 32mins, and in considerable proficiency mode, its time of 3hrs 43mins isn’t especially notable.
Switch it into energy Saving artwork mode, however, and it’ll do over 5 as well as a half several hours in gentle use conditions, and that is unbelievably amazing for just about any pc with workstation pretensions. if you actually desire to devote even additional time apart away from your mains an optional nine cell, 8,400mAh battery is available, that will require to extend this even further.

And let’s not neglect there are each of the normal benefits of getting a Lenovo pc here, as well. The exceptional ThinkVantage methods permit quick, very simple entry to essential components just such as the wireless modules and battery existence settings. There’s all approach to other important methods accessible by pressing the blue key just above the keyboard, too, from backup to method restore and update utilities.
In the T500, Lenovo has produced however one more seem laptop. Ok, so it can’t boast the great appears or even the all-round panache in the Sony Z21 with its amazing battery life, great proficiency and gentle weight, but, to turn out to be fair, it may be an altogether distinctive proposition.
The mixture of that familiar, high-quality Lenovo keyboard using a large, high-resolution display and all-round supreme build high quality make for just about any unbelievably capable desktop workstation. element within of the substantially reduce cost and that will make the T500 a tempting proposition; if you actually don’t ideas sacrificing sex appeal for comfort and reassurance, it’s a good, sturdy buy.

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