Lenovo G450 ? 2949CGU Laptop

Lenovo G450 ? 2949CGU Laptop

Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU Laptop

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Home Page > Computers > Hardware > Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU Laptop

Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU Laptop

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Posted: Oct 20, 2010 |Comments: 0


Lenovo has outdid by itself using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU. This mobile computer has each of the makings of getting a great substitution or alternate to some desktop PC.

First, it is armed using the solutions of Intel’s key two Duo processors. The Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU, in particular, consists of a processor clocked at a pace of 2.20 GHz. To be good that there are no matters even although the method processes memory space hungry programs, Lenovo has granted the mobile computer a whopping 4-gigabyte ability for arbitrary entry memory. Memory, best suited after all, is on the regular time frame a exceptionally important element of the computer’s functioning. When it processes an awesome offer of information, the individual computer demands memory space to sustain operating. If it runs away from memory, it could be forced to buy and sell memory space packets from one plan to one more therefore top to lags from the system.

Another remarkable function using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU could possibly be the Nvidia Geforce images card it has on its chipset. This produces it an perfect system for gaming and multimedia. The Nvidia GeForce G210M images card consists of a movement photo memory space of 512 megabytes, producing it potent adequate to process heavier images for each suits and movement photo editing. You can perform an awesome offer of factors using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU, exact element when you would a desktop PC.

Worried about difficult disk space? everyone does, but using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU you shouldn’t contact for to think about it. Lenovo has granted this mobile computer a exceptionally body fat space for actual memory. 320 gigabytes is previously adequate for what ever demands that you simply could possibly have: whether or not you are an energetic downloader of audio tracks and movies, a gamer, or perhaps a businessman. You can positioned within an awesome offer of records into your individual computer as well as now have adequate space for additional to come.

The Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU also attributes a LED-backlit LCD. This signifies how the screen, which could be 14 inches in size, utilizes light-emitting diodes to stability contrast and brightness to prevent glare as well as your individual expression from displaying up in the screen. Glare and reflections could possibly be exceptionally annoying, especially when you are utilizing the mobile computer outdoors. But this really is not just a trouble using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU, member of Lenovo vital Family.

Other attributes using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU include:

A digital video disc writer/reader which has help for dual layer DVDs. This signifies that you simply can burn up additional compared to regular DVD-R by utilizing dual layer recordable DVDs.

Bluetooth edition 2.1 + EDR

Intel Wireless Wi-Fi website link 5100

Prices estimates using the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU starts at 9 in accordance with Cnet.com.

Processor Intel® Core™ two Duo processor T6600 (2.20GHz 800MHz 2MB )
Operating system Genuine glass windows 7 home Premium 64
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce G 210M 512MB
Memory 4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz
Screen 14.0 ” WXGA LED Backlight TFT 1366×768

The finest element about buying the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU is its Nvidia GeForce card. Nvidia is between probably the most effective producers of images credit worthiness cards out there, plus they are regarded for their excellent help for gaming. Thus, getting a Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU within your holiday bag, you can entertain your do it yourself even although on the extended trip by actively playing your favored games.

The Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU also consists of a exceptionally huge memory space capacity, producing it a great complement for its potent key two Duo processor.

At 14 inches, the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU’s display is really small. However, it is not tiny adequate also it additional than produces up for it by its excellent resolution. It consists of a native resolution of 1366×768, a really perfect resolution for clearer and additional thorough graphics.

The Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU also lacks particular connectivity attributes like USB ports, and others.

Whether you undoubtedly are a gamer, a businessman, a college student or an standard user, the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU has each of the attributes that you simply would need: a great images card, a great processor, ample difficult disk space and a tremendous amount of RAM to boot. in circumstance you are ready to overlook the deficiency of USB ports – an vital element of any mobile computer – then the Lenovo G450 – 2949CGU can be worth the providing price you pay.

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