Lenovo desktop PC performance?

Question by Here I come: Lenovo desktop PC performance?
Nov 28 2009- There is a sale at Fry’s for a Lenovo desktop with Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor E5200, 4GB memory & 320G HDD & Windows 7. Will this CPU be fast enough for Flight Simulator X? (the ad doesn’t say anything about the motherboard spec or graphics card)

I also read that this CPU can be over-clocked so that could be a factor.

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Answer by Emanuel
Flight Sim’s specs:

So a min. of 1GHz, your CPU does 2.5 out of the box and yes, with a good aftermarket cooler you can reach 3+ GHz

However you will need to purchase a graphics card because that system has only integrated graphics from Intel, which are the worst.

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