Latest Wipro Desktop Computers for Office

Latest Wipro Desktop Computers for Office

Latest Wipro Desktop Computers for Office

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Home Page > Computers > Latest Wipro Desktop Computers for Office

Latest Wipro Desktop Computers for Office

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Posted: Jan 07, 2011 |Comments: 0


We live in modern times and there is nothing we can do without a computer because computers have become an inextricable part of human lives and there is not a single day which can be passed without the ubiquitous computing machines. At present the computer units are made of non-recyclable materials and also the use of electricity is more than we can afford. Therefore Wipro has come up with an exclusive idea of launching up an ever eco friendly desktop computer and the amazing fact is that it is one of its kind in India and the very first to be precise. The company claims the machine to be free from all the dangerous chemicals like the PVC and the BFR. The Wipro desktop computers are manufactured with non-toxic materials and therefore, the recycling of these computers becomes safe and eco-friendly.

The company has engineered their desktops to meet the challenging standards of the computers of today. They are a responsible company and know the demands of the ever changing needs in a computer. They believe in quality and so have come up always with the most reliable products from their company. Wipro desktop computers are exceeding the global green standards and go one step beyond those norms to promote their green computer, which today are the need of the day. When you think Wipro you know you get reliability, performance and security delivered with responsibility.

The Wipro computers have been working on this project for about 2 years and they also include notebook computers and desktops that are Intel dual core processors. Due to its eco-friendly nature you may think that the prices are too high, but the prices are at par with other conventional PCs. So you do not have to take out more money from your pocket.

The Wipro desktop PCs are energy efficient as well, and are made by using green materials. The Wipro WSG 37555 comes with a 2 duo E7200 processor, Intel GMA 3100 graphic card, multimedia keyboard with mouse, 512 MB DDR 25DRAM that can be upgraded up to 4GB and the Windows vista business operating system. The other features of this Wipro desktop computers are the inclusion of the audio card the integrated graphic crd and the monitor size of the desktop is 17 inches. The price of this green computer or the eco-friendly computer from Wipro is about Rs. 21890.

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Vinnit Alex is well known author who provide helpful information about buy brand computers, laptops such as Dell desktop computers and Acer desktop computers etc, through Online Shopping in India.


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