Laser Desktop Printers Are Disappearing from Desktops


Ft. Wayne, IN (PRWEB) October 15, 2008

Desktop printers are going away. That’s the word from Chad Crider, author, advisor, and trainer on the subject of office automation.

“Desktop Printers used to be the way most businesses would use to print all documents. Now that’s all changed, and many businesses are now using a much more efficient and cost effective solution by using multi-functioning products. More and more businesses are learning these cost saving techniques in document printing and are able to save hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis,” says Crider.

He goes on to explain that most businesses don’t actually realize how much money they are spending on ink cartridges until an actual document output analysis is taken on the company’s entire document output. This analysis includes not only printing documents, but also faxing, scanning and any outsourcing the company may be paying for.

“Many businesses and organizations that I have performed a document output analyses on, didn’t realize that the multifunctional capabilities were even available. Most companies need a copier, so they purchase one. They need a fax machine; therefore they go and purchase a fax machine. The same goes for needing printers and scanners, they have a need to print and scan, they go out and purchase printers and scanners.” Crider goes on to say, “Now with the evolution and technology of multifunctional products, businesses are now able to consolidate all of those products into one machine, eliminating the endless need for space on desktops and offices. Not only do these machines take up less total space, but the cost savings in copying, printing, faxing and scanning, all in one machine, are substantial, not to mention the great security features these machines contain. The technology has really changed the way businesses are using office automation.”

Crider explains that the bottom line is, with the economy the way it is, and budgets tightening, desktop printers, faxes, and scanners, are all relics of a previous generation. Today’s businesses are learning more about multi-functioning products and saving a lot of money on a monthly basis.