Laptop OS: XP vs Vista

Laptop OS: XP vs Vista

Laptop OS: XP vs Vista

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Home Page > Computers > Laptops > Laptop OS: XP vs Vista

Laptop OS: XP vs Vista

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Posted: Jan 05, 2011 |Comments: 0


The operating system on laptop, XP and Vista.

Question: between Windows XP and Vista, which is actually better for the user who wishes to have the battery last as long as possible. Ultimately, the series of tests we have conducted will allow us to know the weight of each OS on the battery and target Laptop battery the individual weight of certain modules of the operating system.

Aero vs.. Luna

The first question concerns the impact of Aero (the new Vista GUI) on consumption, compared to Luna (the Windows XP). The introduction of  transparency effects, the 3D desktop and everything remodeling fear batteries UK the worst in more than one user. This issue has torn the Internet well before the  official release of Vista and both sides continue to clash.

Some believe that the new measures for energy optimization of the operating system would offset the extra power demand of Aero, others claim the opposite. All play well with the numbers, but we thought it amusing to note the position of Gateway. The assembler has long claimed to have done extensive testing in concluding that the sophisticated mechanisms to reduce consumption would help to Vista over XP, toshiba pa3383u-1brs battery despite the 3D interface. No results were published and if we do not want to put the word Gateway in doubt, we still ask questions. As we have already stated, it is basically normal for a new operating system has a range smaller than its predecessor. Gateway’s statements have the merit of surprise.

It is also interesting that the Redmond shown more restraint. On his blog dedicated to Windows Vista, Microsoft reported Aero accounts for only a tiny part. The company argues that the consumption of GPUs is between 15 and 25% of the total energy consumed and Aero laptop  only hp pavilion dv8000 battery increases the envelope 1 to 4% battery power. Finally, Microsoft says that engineers have made the disabling Aero simple and fast for those who wish to override.


We therefore thought it important that we make our own opinion on the issue by launching a test of autonomy under Vista and XP, and compare the impact of Luna and Aero. We left the profile of energy management in Vista to “balance”, since hp it is he who is chosen by default. He remained in XP mode “Notebook.” Disabling graphical themes was made each time by selecting “Windows Classic”.

Age before beauty

One thing is certain, as we foresaw earlier and contrary to the results of Gateway, Vista is distanced by XP in terms of autonomy. The new version is 28% less time. It is easy to understand why certain brands of laptops are returned to their choice dell inspiron 6000 battery to offer only Vista shortly after its release.

It should be stressed once again that over the months, the hardware and drivers are more optimized for Vista. Ipso facto this trend should be reversed and Vista should take the lead. Manufacturers will still deal with SuperFetch. This new feature, which increases disk access, is normally costly in terms of energy (we will verify this in our third party). It will be interesting to track the progress of Vista in this area to see if it will also be faster than XP.

By contrast, Microsoft scores a point by making an Aero not consuming more than the 2D version. The interface is in the tradition of Luna, the latter having no significant impact on overall consumption.


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