KSE Poker (Pocket PC) – English 1.0

KSE Poker (Pocket PC) – English 1.0
Category: Cards & Lottery
Platform: mobile
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KSE Poker – gambling like in the old days of the Wild WestTravel back in time to the Wild West and play a match against Wyat Earp, Buffalo Bill and other legends of the 19th century.Because there are different rules played on every table you can study the rules in the detailed online-help.After you have choosen the number of your opponents (1 to 4), the match starts.Try to get a good hand so you can be sure that the pot will be yours at showdown.If you still have got a bad hand even after you have drawn new cards, you always have the possibility to make your opponents believe you have a much better hand. That might lead them to fold leaving the pot to you although they had a better hand.But be careful, 1000$ are spend quickly and if the luck isnt with you it wont take long until you have to say goodbye to the other gamblers.So dont act thoughtless and take your time to decide if it will be worth to pretend having a Royal Flush or if is the better way to fold.But you dont have to play until you go bust or your opponents before you. To try to get the most money from your opponents in a certain number of playrounds (2, 4 or 8) is an entertaining variation as well.Features and benefits:- Different game variants- Different board patterns (wood, marble, etc.)- Complete pen control- Variant dependent top score list- Great sound- Detailed Online-help

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