KSE Abacus XT (H/PC 2000) – English 1.0

KSE Abacus XT (H/PC 2000) – English 1.0
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A highly efficient calculator for your Handheld PC 2000The extensive technical and scientific functions as well as computer science and financial functions, the easy operation and the clearly arranged design provide you with a fast and effective working environment for your Handheld PC 2000.Absolutely new is the integrated MLS (Multiple layer system), which provides a better overall view and structure between the individual layers. Therefore, easy operation on small screens with limited space becomes possible.Below you will find an overview listing the supportedfeatures and functions of KSE Abacus XT.Standard Functions 10 (0-9) digit function keys, basic computation, decimal function and exponent as well as parentheses and sign change C, CE, store and recall of up to 10 values under numerical memory keys (STORE, RECALL und SUM)Standard Layer Square, square root, power, root, reciprocal, factorial Common/natural logarithm and antilogarithm Trigonometrical functions, inverted trigometrcal functions (with unit of angle measurement, i.e. degree, radian and gradient)Computer Layer Computations with binary-, octal-, decimal und hexadecimal numbers, logical operators (AND, OR, exclusive OR, NOT) and computations with complex figures.Financial Layer Computation of percentage and currency conversion from Dollar to Euro and Euro to Dollar also Euro to Deutsch Mark and from Deutsch Mark to Euro.Display Range11-digit mantissa or 11-digit mantissa and 2-digitexponent up to 1099

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