Kindle 3 – the Very Fast Guide to Enjoying It All – free books, the browser, email, and more.

Kindle 3 – the Very Fast Guide to Enjoying It All – free books, the browser, email, and more.

There are several Kindle guides, This one is not like them – it’s all new and written specifically for Kindle 3. If you’re a busy person and just want to use your new Kindle, not wade through extra long manuals, FAQS or blogs about Kindles you don’t own, this one book on your e-reader will guide you through it all. …Then it becomes your browsing homepage to access Facebook, Twitter, News, calendar notes, and all the things you use the internet for.

–indexed, plus one click hyperlinks that jump right to the explanation you need, then let you come right back to the index or overview.
— It’s super quick — no fluff at all, just what you need to get you going and having fun. AND it’s not just a book – and no, it’s not skimpy or short, just because it’s set up for very fastest use. Look at what else you get:

BONUS-Built-INs !!!
— You can refer to or use any of the items as you like. They’re jumplink menued to let you get to them, but stay out of your way when you only need how-to info.

— You don’t even have to read this book all the way through! If you NEVER had a Kindle before, or already owned one, there’s a special section for your most likely questions.

In The VERY FAST GUIDE you’ll have always with you:
The easiest ways and places to get books free -with links to do it; charging Kindle; Shortcut keys; best ways to hold and use it in or out of covers; how to buy and get free books; make your own Kindle docs, read your Email, set up your photo shows and Kindle background music, use Audiobooks, make it read to you, organize and move content collections; ALL about the browser, what got fixed in the first update; what to do if it freezes up?

–EPUB books and ways you can find these, get them onto or read them directly from your Kindle 3.

— Immediately look up any topic using a complete hyper-linked Table of Contents; photos where they help to show you how.

— for extra convenience, built right in are:

.. Direct links to Facebook and Twitter – not just to post a note, but the full sites; new Facebook and Twitter Breaking News, too.

.. A custom search page that lets you google just news, or only recent postings, or find places and services near where you are.

.. a useful built-in 12 month calendar (2010, 2011, and 2009) with notes capability,
.. home pages with quick links to YAHOO, GMAIL, and facebook email so you instantly launch and go there in Kindle browser with just one point and click – no menu-ing needed.
Right in the book, direct Google clickable links so you don’t have to always go find the experimental browser and start it just to do a quick search. Many Kindle 2 urls/bookmarks won’t work correctly on Kindle 3 browser; these do.

.. Social site resources – find bargains, restaurant reviews, discounts, and more. It’s way more than posting notes to twitter or facebook.

.. Political News? Here are direct browser links to headlines and politics around the world. Links to let you follow the people you choose and support – all of the parties – right from your Kindle.

.. U.S. 2010 Senate and House Midterm elections – imminent, important, and interesting – here are links to the polls, analysts and results.

Check the free sample, then download and own it all instantly, for less than the price of just one Latte.

——– Author’s Note: ———
Hi..Here you have all the useful items that I wanted on my own Kindle 3, and more. I owned the Kindles 1,2, and DX,- about 85 books read at last count. Search my name and see other earlier popular Kindle guides. The Kindle 3 is way different – keys, controller, features gone and added; vastly different browsing; and all the older guides are obsolete. Here’s my first new one. Happy Kindling!

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