Kids Abc Phonics Game 1.0.4

Kids Abc Phonics Game 1.0.4
Category: Sudoku, Crossword & Puzzle Games
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**Fun4Kids Kids Abc Phonics Game**(US English)Please reach us @ for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.Please click link if you’re having downloading problem:’ purpose is to provide with premium educational games to help our kids learn.Phonics is the most important step to teach kids reading. It is the basic reading instruction that teaches children the relationships between letters and sounds. Phonics teaches children to use these relationships to speak and write words.Knowing realtionship between written words and spoken sounds through phonics helps kids to recognize familiar words accurately and easily “decode” new words.FEATURESYour kids will enjoy the following activities:*Learning letters and phonics : One tip to help a kid recognize the alphabet and numbers and become a successful reader is to read with him or her. Our Abc Phonics app reads letters aloud to your child. It offers fun pictures and words with those letters to enhance the learning experience. We do point out different letters. Your kid will learn how the letter sounds and the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. This activity also shows objects that starts with same letter.*Penguin game : Penguin game is very entertaininig and educational game for kids. Your kid will learn the alphabet order with cute penguins while having fun!*Find : Find game is another important way to teach kids phonics. Kids are asked to find the right word that start with the shown letter. This activity helps kids to recognize familiar words accurately.*Match : This matching game is extremely useful in practicing the written word and the image. In this activity, randomly selected 12 images and 12 written words are shown on cards. Kids are asked to pick pairs of matching image and the word.*Kids-friendly UI*Clear menu*Cute graphics for kidsContent rating: Everyone

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