Karateka for Palm OS 3.5

Karateka for Palm OS 3.5
Category: Action Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase
Publisher: BEIKS


Yes, these are the images you eventually remember from the days when Apple still had the chance to be No.1 in the business…Believe it or not, the Karate game is back to life in your Palm! Featuring 4 level color/grayscale graphics and sound, the first large-scale action game ever is set to conquer another platform – PalmOS. Get your fists ready!The game plot is as simple as an action game plot needs to be: the evil Acuma (translated evil spirit) had captured the beautiful princess Mariko.Our hero happens to be in love with her and brave enough to run for a rescue mission. In order to save the princess and marry her, he must fight his way to Akuma’s lair and defeat him.The original game, published in 1984 by Broderbund Software under the name Karateka is often referred as the father of the 2D large-scale actor action games. Update Description:Version 1.35 (07/08/2002, free update) Keyboard controls for Handspring Treo and other devices with snap-on or built-in keyboards; use the HELP menu to see the controls Fix: Improved speed and hardware compatibility Version 1.2 (02/04/2002, free update) Updated to comply with upcoming PalmOS 5.0 Price set to $10.00 Version 1.1 (06/01/2001, free update) Now available in color and compliant with PalmOS 3.5 Version 1.0 (01/01/2001) Official first release Version 0.9 (09/01/2000) Initial release of the game demo, powered by the GrayLib library, the first graphic animation library with grayshades for the new PalmOS 3.0

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