kalavinka’s desktop 2008.04.23

kalavinka’s desktop 2008.04.23
all in one desktop computers
Image by kalavinka
my desktop and setup is not very pimped out at all, just functional for my needs

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
Powerbook G4 (2004 purchase and still going strong)

top menu bar:
iScrobbler/AudioScrobbler (http://www.last.fm/user/kalavinka/)
MenuMeters – Network, Memory, CPU
International (language set to Japanese Romaji and keyboard shortcuts make it very convenient to quickly type in Japanese without using the mouse to switch languages)
Battery status
Spotlight (never use the damn thing)

language translator set to English/Spanish since I like to pretend I know Spanish
Dictionary/Thesaurus because there’s so many words I don’t know
weather ‘cos I can’t stick out my tongue and gauge the temperature
converter (length/weight/etc)
html character entity lookup
international time set to Tokyo (ok time to call relatives?)
computer stats
kuhler color palette (never inspired me sadly)
(a couple widgets added since including one I made myself, joy!)

dock: folder icons are from Pixel Feng Shui

wallpapers rotate every hour
custom wallpaper of my favorite band (this and more available at my fan site Buck-Tick Zone)