JotSpot demo onlookers

JotSpot demo onlookers
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Image by tychay
NOTE: I need an ID on the person to the left
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JotSpot demo onlookers
Jotspot, Palo Alto, CA

Panasonic DMC-LX1
Adobe Camera RAW (adjustments) NeatImage (denoise, sharpen) nik CEP (bw tonal, paper toner)
1/15 sec @ f/3.2, iso 200, 9mm (40mm)


Lunch 2.0 at Jotspot

After lunch, Scott hosted a demo explaining what Jotspot is, what applications and APIs they are working on, and answered other questions about the company.

I snapped this candid of David Kellogg looking at the presentation.

The noise at ISO80 is pretty low. Even though it is way past the shake limit, the optical image stabilization made it sharp as a tack. Nonethless, I denoised and sharpened automatically and applied some standard bw.

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