Job title – Senior Business Intelligence .Net Developer ?

Question by Job title – Senior Business Intelligence .Net Developer ?
Hi guys,

I am trying to negotiate a new job title with the company that I am working for, and I am not sure which one would best describe what I do as well as it will give more opportunities for the future.

This is mainly what I do:

-develop web applications in VB.NET;
-database administration;
-I am pro with SQL, MS Access, Excel, etc;
-I generate reports from SQL for the management;
-I analyze data/reports and provide suggestions on how to improve processes in the company, increase productivity, collections, etc;
-I review procedures in the company and I am trying to find ways of improving them. Sometimes I have to develop a web application for that.
-I monitor constantly the databases to make sure the data is ok.
-Combining .net development, SQL, data analysis, inside knowledge, personal experience, feedback I am looking to improve the way things are done in the company in order to make everything more productive.

I am with the company for 8 years, so I know most of the processes and procedures, and how they interact with each other, in order to provide the best solution for improvement.

The improvements that I’ve made not only saved millions of dollars for the company, but brought in the company about $ 100mil in 8 years.

One job title that I am thinking would reflect most of what I do is
-Senior Business Intelligence .Net Developer

What do you guys think? Do you have any other suggestions?

Also, in the job title which one weights more: developer, analyst or specialist? Can you suggest me a place where I could find more info about these keywords in a job title?


Best answer:

Answer by Mike
You have many skills in IT. You have done a great deal, which makes creating a single title very challenging.

In IT, an analyst suggests you review the results of the output from the computer. It sounds less technical, so if you are trying to focus on your technical skills, you should consider specialist.

The technical title has developer in it, as in: .NET Developer.

In all honesty, with all of the things you have done, your title is a little less important than a good resume would be when you decide to look for something new.

Hope this helps!

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