IT GlobalSecure Delivers One-Stop Security for Business IT ARMOR™ Business Protection Packages Tailored to Meet Business Computer and Network Security Needs


(PRWEB) January 31, 2002

IT GlobalSecure Delivers One-Stop Security for Business

IT ARMOR™ Business Protection Packages Tailored to Meet Business IT Security Needs

WASHINGTON, DC, January 22, 2002 – IT GlobalSecure, Inc., a premier provider of computer and network security solutions, today announced the launch of its new IT ARMOR™ Business Protection Packages. Using this “one-stop shop” for computer security products, small companies and mid-sized enterprises may easily select the security package that is most appropriate for their company.

“Doctors, lawyers, and other business professionals need computer security as much as technologists,” states IT GlobalSecure President, Cheryl Campbell. “We’ve brought together market-leading security products to meet the needs of real businesses.”

The IT ARMOR™ Business Protection Packages range from Basic Office to Complete Enterprise Security product suites. They include virus protection, backup and disaster recovery, content filtering, and desktop and gateway firewall protection. IT GlobalSecure also offers Virtual Private Networks, intrusion detection, and other advanced security tools for everyone from retail merchants to large corporations. Package selection is made simple with short questionnaires that match packages to each company’s operations and budget.

IT GlobalSecure’s Business Protection Packages put business in the driver’s seat for security. “Security doesn’t have to be hard,” says Steven Davis, CEO of IT GlobalSecure. “Just because I don’t build air bags or seat belts, doesn’t mean I can’t use them with confidence.”

About IT GlobalSecure

IT GlobalSecure is a computer security firm dedicated to helping business customers select, purchase, and implement robust cost-effective IT and IT security solutions. It has over 40 partnerships with IT and IT security product vendors.

Business Protection Packages are an ideal solution for ensuring end-to-end security in your corporate network. They have been configured for sale by number of seats, based on counts of your servers, gateways, desktops, and laptops. Special add-ons exist for VPNs and secure “road warrior” communications. These packages address privacy, encrypted communications, user authentication, intrusion and virus protection, and secure archival concerns held by those in the legal, medical, trade, retail, banking, insurance, gaming, telecommunications, manufacturing, and e-commerce sectors.

IT GlobalSecure provides a full range of solutions to include: architecture design; security policy formulation; encryption; virtual private networks (VPN); intrusion protection; firewalls; disaster recovery; network management; audit services; and quality reviews. Its solutions have supported the gaming, global trade, claims processing, telecommunications, and finance industries, numerous commercial and government organizations – all of which have demanding requirements for privacy, trust, access and authentication controls, and reliability. IT GlobalSecure ships products worldwide.

For more information on IT GlobalSecure and its new Business Protection Packages, visit or email Contact our Sales staff at (202) 425-4113 (Washington, D.C) or 1-866-IT-ARMOR Toll-Free in the U.S.