Is there a web application that I can buy that has the same basic functionality as WebEx?

Question by reversehalo: Is there a web application that I can buy that has the same basic functionality as WebEx?
I’ve looked at a lot of remote control applications and many that are web-based that do not require the installation of a server/client charge a monthly fee. I’ve seen various scenarios that people have put together using ReverseVNC, etc. But I’m looking for something very simple – where the client logs into a website or goes to a particular web page from their network – and then I on the outside login to a similar or same website/webpage and gain remote control of their computer… I am not interested in paying monthly fees. I simply want to buy the ActiveX or whatever module/programming is required and move on… I am looking for something that is strictly web-based so please do not offer solutions that involve the installation of client or host software. It’s very surprising to me that no one appears to be giving WebEx a run for their money. Their product model is so simple and yet so many software developers appear to overlook the huge benefits of a web-based solution.

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Answer by networkmaster
Cisco MeetingPlace competes with it and actually gives you more for your money. MeetingPlace is described as an on-net rich media web conferencing solution, it is designed for enterprise use and offers the features and security to match. MeetingPlace offers all the web conf standard stuff such as presentations, application sharing, desktop sharing, whiteboarding and recording. WebEx uses more of a service-based pricing model, whereas you buy MeetingPlace and in the typical enterprise the ROI is under a year. MeetingPlace has more advanced voice conferencing features like dial in/out with no additional fees, breakout sessions, etc. MeetingPlace also has tight Outlook integration, Webex is weak there.

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