Is their any free web hoster for Java?

Question by Nahi verena verani: Is their any free web hoster for Java?
I have a J2EE web appliction and I need to upload it to host a web site for it.

Is their any free web hoster supports J2EE web application? I need to upload my web app as a WAR file.

I know that is free web hoster for this; but I don’t like it. Because this eatj server shutsdown my web app in every 6 hours, so I need to restart the server in every 6 hours. They don’t provide monitoring tools for free hosting plans.

Is their any Java web hoster allow me to upload my WAR file, without server shut down?

F.Y.I: I searched by Google, but I didn’t get a good result yet.

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Answer by gabby g
Hi,I found new domain company ,this company is giving you:

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