Is the desktop software for the Blackberry comparable to Palms?

Question by amsterp: Is the desktop software for the Blackberry comparable to Palms?
My boss is making the transition from the Palm Treo 700 to the Blackberry Curve. Loved the Palm desktop software beause I could view or add appointments to his schedule while he was out of the office. From what I see with the Blackberry the actual phone has to attached to the computer via the cable to access the desktop stuff. Is this correct or I am doing something wrong? Will be totally bummed if I can not access is calendar without the actual phone. Someone please give me some good news and let me know what I am doing wrong!

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Answer by Eric20FL
There are a few options here, depending on how the work email is setup.

1. Use BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server). All items sync wirelessly including contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, email. Some companies have their own BES, some subscribe to a hosted service. Your existing mail/messaging system needs to be compatible. There is most likely an extra charge depending on your current configuration.

2. Use Google Sync and Google Calendar. Blackberry and Desktop can sync wirelessly if you use Outlook, or you can go into the Gmail web and add calendar items. No extra charge.

You can send me a message if you need more details…

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