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Instrument Pilot PocketTest null
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The original PDA test-prep study tool for aviators. I got 100% on the FAA Private Pilot written exam after only four weeks of study. I attribute this to your program… Jim, in New York, NY As seen inmagazine Now with my Palm in my pocket, Im reviewing whenever theres a free momentin line at McDonalds, waiting for my daughters dance class, waiting for others to arrive for a meeting Rob, in Columbus, IN The Instrument Rating is considered by many to be one of the most difficult to obtain,but also the most rewarding. Carry with you the knowledge you’ll need to master flying by the instruments. When the weather turns foulyou’ll have more options.This program includes the entire FAA database of questions that you may see on your exam. Study all the questions in this software and there should be no surprises.All figures that are readable on a PDA screen are built into the software. Some larger figures (i.e. Sectional Charts) require reference to a figure supplement, like the written exam books from Gleim Publishing (commonly available in pilot shops or through our website at PocketTest software is designed especially for ease of use with the Gleim books, but is also compatible with the curriculums of the ASA or Jeppesen Written Exam books.The questions are organized for efficient study using whatever items you have on hand (PalmPilot, flight computer, and/or figure supplement). It is recommended that you purchase the Gleim book and read through the material at the start of each chapter, using the PocketTest software to review the questions for the test.The program is organized into subject areas that match the chapters in the Gleim book.If you already have your license, thePocketTest programs are a great way to sustain your sharpsense of aeronautical knowledge and remain a safe andinformed aviator.If you’re an instructor, register with us to obtain a Flight Instructor Discount for your students!Try before you buy. The software will let you study one subject area for free (Weather, Medical, Performance…). Purchase of a registration key is required to unlock the remaining categories.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Patrick at 256-370-7373.PocketTest programs are now available for the following exams:PrivateInstrumentCommercialFundamentals of InstructingFlight InstructorATPFlight EngineerThe PocketTest Technology can be readily applied to other subjects. Contact us if you have a specific need for a new product. “Carrythese and you’ll never have a dull moment again!”-Trina, Private Pilot

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