Instant Computer Help Now Available as Google Desktop Gadget


Lexington, MA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006

Sunflower Network announces the availability of the Instant Computer Help gadget for Google Desktop. With this free plug-in, people can rapidly get help for their computer problems, in a friendly and cost-effective manner. Appearing as a user-friendly gadget in Google Desktop, people simply type in their computer question, choose how much they’re willing to pay, and click a link. In less than a minute, they’re connected with a computer expert who can quickly solve their problem.

Sunflower Network is a place where people who need help with their computers are instantly connected with online computer experts, providing immediate problem resolution. Through the use of telephone, text chat, and screen sharing – all safe and secure for customers – Sunflower Network’s agents can quickly and easily solve computer problems, at a price of the customer’s choosing.

This new plug-in adds to the ease and convenience by which people can get help with their computer problems, via Sunflower’s Instant Service Network™. Sunflower Network’s strategy is to provide instant help, integrated into people’ everyday environments. “Why should users have to interrupt their work to get help? Our goal is to provide pervasive access to instant computer help from within the applications that users work with. We combine the best of Instant Messaging and context-sensitive help” said Jason Anders, Sunflower Network founder.

Once people have described their problem and chosen how much to pay, an alert is instantly sent out to all available Sunflower Network agents. In less than one minute, users begin to see responses from interested agents. Users choose an agent to help them, based on an agent’s rating and experience. The user and the selected agent are connected by text chat, telephone, and secure screen sharing, for rapid and efficient problem resolution. Once the agent has solved the problem, the customer rates the agent and pays for the help session. Sunflower Network provides rapid resolution of computer problems via fast, friendly computer help.

About this Google Desktop Plug-In

The free Sunflower Network Instant Computer Help plug-in for Google Desktop is available from

About Sunflower Network

Sunflower Network’s mission is to provide people with fast, friendly, and inexpensive help for their computer problems, over the Internet. By connecting people who need help with those who can provide it, Sunflower Network eliminates computer frustration, and helps people make the most of their computers. For more information, visit


Jason Anders

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