Infinite Pre-Algebra 1.53

Infinite Pre-Algebra 1.53
Category: Teaching Tools
Platform: windows
License: Free to try


Create worksheets and tests with exactly the types of questions you want in just minutes. No more writing questions by hand, searching through old books and worksheets, or wading through a database of prewritten questions.

Unlike other test generators, Infinite Pre-Algebra actually creates the questions for you. You select the parameters for each question: the size of the numbers; types of numbers; the types of operations involved; and the number of steps. Our software chooses the variables and numbers for each question so the questions conform to the options you picked. Because the questions are written on-the-fly, you won’t run out of suitable questions. You can create multiple versions of tests, vary the difficulty of questions, and change your assignments from year to year to adapt to your individual classes. Prepare your examples, class work, homework, and tests without ever running out of good material. Other features include: easily-controlled spacing, free-response and multiple-choice format, scale, merge, export, and a presentation mode to use while teaching (compatible with LCD projectors and other display systems).

What’s new in this version:

  • New: Preference for notation for greatest integer function
  • New: Added maximize/restore button to Presentation View
  • Improved: Help files
  • Improved: Scroll bars
  • Improved: User interface
  • Improved: When choices make a question too tall for a page, some choices are removed
  • Improved: Algebraic simplification routines are now more efficient
  • Fixed: Wrapping to full-page and half-page could be too wide
  • Fixed: Able to graph ce… See all new features

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