INCIPIO Zip Case, Black Nylon null

INCIPIO Zip Case, Black Nylon null
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The INCIPIO Carrying Cases (from the Latin – to take in hand) incorporate what everyone wants in a carrying case designed for their handheld computer. The INCIPIO cases offer unmatched durability, functionality, and that all-important factor – style. INCIPIO cases feature an exclusive plastic insert that covers the entire device edge to edge to provide unparalleled protection. All the carrying cases are constructed of tough water-resistant materials. Each case features three internal pockets, plus a compartment large enough to accommodate international bills, a clear window for Q-Cards or I.D., and room for your credit cards, yet they are slim enough to fit in your pocket.INCIPIO Zip Carrying Cases fit the PalmPilot, Palm III Series, Palm V, Handspring Visor, VTech Helio, and the Royal daVinci handheld organizers. The cases feature an easy-to-open zippered closure and come with a detachable safety strap. All INCIPIO cases are guaranteed for life. The cases measure 5 1/2″ X 4 3/8″ X 3/4″, and they weigh about 2 oz. This will not fit a Palm IIIc. Put one in your hand today!

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