In Search of the King of the Linux Distros

In Search of the King of the Linux Distros
Here in the Linux community, debating the relative merits of various distributions is a common pastime. So when it was proclaimed in an article recently that “Debian is the most influential Linux distribution ever,” it was a rare geek who didn’t sit up and take notice. Sure enough, that’s just what Datamation’s Bruce Byfield asserted in a recent article.

ST. LOUIS – Benjamin DeClue doesn’t step foot inside a store without his BlackBerry. As he browses the aisles, he multitasks by keeping one eye on the shelves and one on his smart phone, which he uses to scan bar codes, compare prices, read product reviews and even make purchases. When he spots a book he wants at Borders, he immediately looks up the title on his phone. If he finds a cheaper …
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The New Saven’ Website is Live
Saven’, the SpA website that enables registered users to share their favorite websites, now has a new design and is live for all users to enjoy its unique social bookmarking features.
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