Importance and Essentials of Web Application Development

Importance and Essentials of Web Application Development

Importance and Essentials of Web Application Development

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Home Page > Internet > Web Design > Importance and Essentials of Web Application Development

Importance and Essentials of Web Application Development

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Posted: Jun 17, 2008 |Comments: 0


The Internet has grown into a foremost player on the global economic front, so did the measure of people who are interested in its development. Web applications are used as the business strategies and policies implemented on the Web to meet the competitive business entities.


Choosing the right platform to develop a web based application to work on is an extremely important part of the web application development plan. A typical web application development process consists of five phases:


1. Requirement gathering and analysis

2. Planning the project

3. Development

4. Testing, support and stability

5. Maintenance and Support


Quality web application development services are needed by the organization to give a necessary boost to their business objectives, as it not only leads to increase in qualified web traffic, but also provides a competitive edge to the websites in question. These services are needed specifically for those websites that indulge in frequent interactions with their audience, like the news portals, the e-magazines etc. The application development ensures a simple process for direct interaction with the clients, facilitation of online monetary transactions and better understanding of the user’s needs. The other features of these dynamic web applications are:

Improved usability

Faster accessibility

Quick uploading

Immediate updates



Scope of Web Development

The entire scope and usability of the web application development depends upon the strength of the products users and the intensity of advantageous nature of the products. It includes strategic planning for the development of the project. Better scope means impressive outlook, upgraded functioning and technical soundness. Thus the goal setting of the project should include

Chalking the limitations


Application versioning


The clear aims of the application should be well documented.


Development and practical solutions

After the finalisation of the functional specification and project plan, the programmers and web developers should begin with coding, testing and appropriate publishing of the application. The process also establishes the codes, entities, procedures and data variables which would be used for the remaining part. The entire process should not be done in haste but should be accompanied by practical solutions and working methods.


Quality Assurance and Testing

The most important phase of the development procedure includes the removal of discrepancies and bugs, which might hinder the functioning of the application. A team of dedicated testers with experience in automation tools can help the developers to conclude the project on time with quality.


Thousands of websites have already cluttered the web space. With SEO optimisation, one keyword provides links to hundreds of websites. Thus, developing a website in such a cut throat competition needs a deep examination of the various features of the applications functioning in the competitor’s website. The web application development adopted by the competitor should be researched in detail.  The same gives a better understanding of the applications one would upload. It also sets a baseline for the development of the respective projects.

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