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Image by STREETZA and SWAY, Inc. Present
DIY Social Media Workshop – Managing Your Brand and Listening To Your Brand Chatters
With Keynote: Rish Shah, of

July 6, 2009, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Social media developers and strategists, and SWAY, Inc., have combined their talents and resources to present a one day workshop where attendees will walk away with a “working marketing and social media plan” to continue developing with their marketing departments or consultants,” says Cd Vann, owner and developer of

The workshop takes place July 22, 2009, Madison, Wisconsin, 8AM – 5PM at the Holiday Inn & Suites of Madison, followed by a Madison Tweetup. The cost is .00 per person and discounts on groups of five or more are honored. You can RSVP at

The one day workshop features social media practitioners who can present real and successful client examples and techniques on how to manage your brand and select the right tools and channels based on your target audience, product, service and positioning statement. Attendees will walk away with the answer to one of their most important questions, “How does this apply to me and my industry?”

Keynote: Rishi Shah, CEO of Rishi’s ability to market his web application without investors or large advertising budgets made him one of Business Week’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs 25 and Under.

Presenters include: Cindi Thomas – Fullhouse Media, Scott Baitinger – Mader Communications, Steve Glynn – Spreenkler and Barb Rozgonyi of Cory West Media.

Workshop topics include, Social Media Tools and Strategies, Monitoring, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, SEO and SEM and more. and SWAY, Inc., have selected some of the brightest and most influential practitioners in the social media industry, presenting topics that will guide you through the process of developing an understanding of why companies no longer “own their brand,” but are now managing their brand and listening to their brand chatters. currently has six Social Media Workshops planned for Chicago, Appleton and Des Moines all focused on providing growing businesses with the tools, channels and strategies they need to manage their on line brand and engage with their audience.