IBM Lenovo desktop pc?

Question by yardi: IBM Lenovo desktop pc?
i bought an IBM Lenove 3000 j series about two months ago, and presently i cannot get it to come on! when i plug in the power cord in the outlet the power led light comes on automatically. When i take off the power by pressing my hand on the power led button for a few sec. it comes off. If i try to put the power back on it powers up and i get a no signal on the monitor! i open the system case and i saw that the processor fan and system fan was not working, but the power supply fan was. the dvd tray was also opperational! can someone please tell me what is wrong with my system. thank you.

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Answer by slayton59
without the cooling fan you may have burnt out the mother board you still should be under warranty so call for service before it expires

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